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Some blood elves, steeped so thick in pain and anger, have joined the Shadow Council in Felwood. A blood elven Arcane guardian. The mana wyrms once served as guardians to the various crystals and arcane structures around the elven kingdom. Any time anyone has wanted a safe place for blood elf roleplay, they come to us. Garithos, a human who had felt wronged the high elves' conduct in the past, consistently gave the blood elves either meager tasks beneath their capabilities, or worse, suicidal missions devoid of reinforcements, in order to rid himself of the sin'dorei. In Quel'Thalas, the blood elves under Lor'themar Theron and Halduron Brightwing were undergoing their own tribulations. Masters of magic, and with a natural affinity for wielding it, the high elves championed the belief that they were the "sun blessed.

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Crimson-red robes, decor, and armor have become far more commonplace within blood elven society prior to the fall of the high elven people, a reference to the blood of their many brethren who had perished in the Third War. They believe power is not something to be earned — it is to be taken. With the banishment of Kil'jaeden and the restoration of the Sunwell , one could argue that the blood elves have in effect been restored to high elves or could return to being high elves. Few other races in the Horde have suffered like they have Forsaken share that boat with them , and yet they just keep kicking. Kingdom of Quel'Thalas , Blood Knights. Their lot is a Garrosh-loyal mercenary group, currently led by Grazzug, son of Togrum. Rather than proclaim a new elven dynasty he neither wants to, nor believes that any other elf has a right to , Lor'themar has opted to retain his title of regent, despite his kingly side being encouraged by his ranger-general Halduron Brightwing.

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Whew, we got the snark over with right up front in the headline -- because now it's time to get down to business. Sin'dorei-exclusive guild Selama Ashalanore spins Azerothian lore as tautly as any of the most stringent of the racial guilds we've profiled in recent weeks. In our guild, we are working hard to undo that image. Our group acknowledges this and works round the clock for the Horde agenda, as well as to restore glory to their ancient people.

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